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Best Paintball Hoppers – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide (Jan-2023)

Enlisted are the10 best paintball hoppers that are suitable for beginners as well as professionals for improving their game on the battlefield.

Best hoppers for paintballing

Paintball is one of the most played shooting games in Europe. The game is played in teams where each individual tends to eliminate the other by firing the paintball through a gun. For playing this game, the topmost priority of the player is to be well equipped with the right gear. While shedding the light on its gears, a paintball hopper also called a Loader is one of the most significant pieces of equipment used while playing paintball.

A paintball hopper or loader is loaded with a limited number of paintballs, attached to the paintball gun. While buying the best paintball hopper, it is very important to have a bit of knowledge about them while choosing one wisely as the whole game depends on it. After analyzing and researching different components of Hoppers, we have drafted an inclusive guide for helping you to make a better decision.

10 Best Paintball Hoppers

1. Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader – Best Hopper For Paintball

If you are someone who prefers to have a reliable yet budget-friendly hopper, then the Dye LT-R paintball hopper is best-suitable for you. One of the most eye-striking features of this hopper is its Patent DYE loader technology. This technology promises the reliability of the hopper and intensifies its performance by ensuring an amazing feed rate. The hopper is easy to carry due to its lightweight and easy to use and maintain.

For increasing the capacity of the hopper, Patent Rotor Force Fed Technology is there whose function is to increase the firing rate. With the help of this technology, this Dye Hopper has the capability to fire 30 paintballs per second. The quality of the material through which this hopper is manufactured makes it water-resistant, making it suitable to use outdoors.

Another preferred feature of this hopper is its efficient battery life. 3AA batteries are used in this hopper allowing it to fire 80,000 shots per charge. It also comes with an LED battery indicator used in case of battery drainage. The hopper has effortless assembling and dissembling while its anti-jam sharkfin manages every condition and paint.


  • Patent DYE Technology
  • Patent Rotor Forced Fed Technology
  • Anti-jam Sharkfin


  • Subjected to jamming

This is one of the best paintball hoppers as it is reliable and light on the customer’s pocket. It is lightweight and has an easy adjustment of torque. For facilitating the users, the feature of black ops has an automatic light indicator that is turned off in case of playing the game at night or in low-light situations. Effortless assembling and dissembling make it easy for the users to maintain it accurately.

2. Virtue Spire IV Electronic Paintball Loaders/Hoppers – Best Electronic Paintball Hopper

Virtue aspire Best Electronic Paintball Hopper

Another topmost and best paintball hopper for beginners, as well as professionals, is the Virtue Spire IV electronic paintball hopper. If you are someone whose top priority is the best performance then this hopper is highly suitable for you. The weight of the hopper is light and facilitates easy movements. It is also called a high-end paintball hopper due to its versatility and highly durable construction.

The user can easily change the settings of the hopper like changing batteries, dissembling, speed feed rate, and assembling through the new and amazing feature called New hinge Shell Technology. For reminding the users for reloading, the hopper can be connected wirelessly to smartphones. Another factor contributing to intensifying the performance is its large capacity to hold the paintballs.

This hopper can hold up to 220-280 paintballs along with an amazing feed rate of about 25 paintballs in a second. Mostly, the users like this hopper because of its paint-retention and sag-proof property. The top, bottom, and back shells of this hopper are fixed with one hinge-mounted unit which is another indicator of this hopper being highly durable.


  • Efficient performance
  • New hinge shell technology
  • Sag proof


  • Expensive

This high-performance paintball hopper is suitable for professional gamers due to its advanced features. The capacity of holding paintballs of this hopper is 220-280 balls with a feed rate of 25 balls in a second. The hopper can effortlessly assemble and dissemble with the help of new hinge shell technology. Also, the user can wirelessly connect it to the smartphone for reloading indications.

3. Virtue Spire IR² Electronic Paintball Loaders/Hoppers – Good Paintball Hoppers

Being the best in mobility, another best hopper for paintball gamers is the Virtue Spire IR² Paintball hopper. The most attractive feature of this device is the versatile eye-catching sleek design that attracts every customer towards itself. The hopper also comes in various different colors. Another plus point of this hopper is its high reliability, making it easier to carry and use.

Virtue spire good paintball loader

If you are a beginner or an intermediate player, then this hopper is made for you as it has a holding capacity limit of 200 paintballs. As compared to the other hoppers, the main advantage that this hopper has got is easy assembling and dissembling with the help of the built-in slide-to-unlock feature. The hopper has the ability to give a constant stream of paint.

This feature of constant stream painting is facilitated by protective feeding that makes use of improved sensors. The features of this hopper that make it highly durable and reliable are jam-resistant, efficient performance, water-resistant, and can be used in any weather conditions. In order to improve the quality of the hopper, this model of Virtue Spire is completely redesigned by using black nylon material for making the back shell of the hopper that makes it more studier.


  • Build-in slide-to-unlock
  • Protective Feeding
  • Flex cycle paddle


  • Spring ramp and speed feed are separate.

This improved and redesigned model of Virtue Spire is highly durable and sturdy due to the nylon material that is used to make the back shell. Another important feature of this hopper is the consistent feed rate of 20 paintballs every second. For effortlessly assembling and dissembling, there is a built-in slide-to-unlock which makes it easier for the users to use and maintain.

4. Proto Primo Paintball Hopper / Loader – Automatic Paintball Hopper

Every paintball gamer wants to have a loader or hopper that is highly durable yet light on the budget. Proto Primo Paintball Hopper is exactly the best paintball hopper available in the market which satisfies this need of gamers. The best functional feature of this loader is that while shooting, the paintballs are arranged in a group and channeled down for smooth shooting.

Proto Promo best automatic paintball hopper

Apart from its consistent vertical feed, the hopper has a reasonable and limited capacity of holding 200 paintballs and a fire shot of 8 balls every second. The battery of the hopper is healthy and can stay up to several hours, contributing to efficient performance. This hopper is gravity-fed which makes it a high-end option that is available in a low price range.

The benefit of being a gravity-fed hopper is that it is able to perform efficiently without even using batteries or motors. The pressure-relieving aspect of this hopper on paintballs reduces the chances of jam. Further talking about its feed rate which is higher and with its large opening, the hopper is well suitable to work with the special Proto alpha podes. Due to the clear spring lid, the loading of the paintball is easy and effortless.


  • Gravity Fed
  • Clear spring lid
  • High feed rate


  • Heavy in weight

The hopper is listed as the best option for beginners as well as intermediate gamers as it is affordable and the best performer. With the high feed rate, the hopper is able to shoot 8 balls every second which is quite amazing. Being gravity-fed, the hopper is able to run efficiently without inserting batteries or motors. Hence it is the best paintball hopper to opt for.

5. Empire Paintball Halo Too Loader, Matte Black; Affordable Hopper

Another famous name called Empire is the best in manufacturing high-quality paintball gear. Empire has launched its high-end yet affordable model called Halo Too Hopper which is filled with many advanced features. The hopper is lightweight, making it easy for the gamers to carry around while the feeding rate is 20 balls per second having a force-feeding mechanism.

Empire the most affordable quality paintball hopper

Empire has made this model one of the most durable and sturdiest due to its construction which is done with high-quality material called Polycarbonate. The shell of this hopper is made of polycarbonate, which is durable having a holding capacity of 180 paintballs. The main advantage of this hopper that makes it different from the usual ones is its ultra-quiet belt.

With the help of an Ultra-quiet belt, the gamer experience the best and high accuracy of the shots in a consistent and steady manner. The hopper has an easy reloading mechanism for easy refilling of the paintballs. For sustaining the smooth operation of the hopper, Empire has built it as an anti-jam which reduces the jams during the process of reloading.


  • Polycarbonate shell
  • Ultra-quiet belt
  • Force-feeding mechanism


  • Disassembling is quite difficult

It is the best paintball hopper, available in the market which is an affordable and quite efficient performer. Having a sturdy shell made of polycarbonate, the hopper has the capacity of holding 180 paintballs along with a feeding rate of 20 balls each second. An ultra-quiet belt makes the performance of the hopper smooth and efficient.

6. Empire Paintball Prophecy Z2 Gun Loader

For those who prefer high quality and durability along with sleek design, Empire has fulfilled your wish by launching another best paintball hopper model Prophecy Z2 gun loader. The first noteworthy feature of this hopper is its high-quality build from premium quality material making it tough and suitable for sustaining in the long run. The design is really attractive and comes in various ranges of colors.

Best High quality and durable paintball hopper

Various ranges of colors help the gamer to match the hopper perfectly with the paintball marker. The advantage of being highly durable makes its holding capacity stronger and is able to hold 200 paintballs at one time. The high capacity of the hopper enables the gamer to have long competitive shots that make it easy for them to eliminate their competitors.

The hopper can easily be carried on the battlefield due to its lightweight. The most advanced feature of this hopper that Empire has introduced is the improved infrared sensors which help in the automatic clearance of ball jamming, enabling hassle-free performance. The gamer will experience a faster feeding rate with high consistency because of the drive carrier that is redesigned and improved.


  • Infrared sensors
  • Improved drive carrier
  • Suitable for long competitive shots


  • Poor battery life

This improved model of Empire is the favorite of beginners as well as professionals. It is affordable in price but has a high-performance level. The advanced feature of the infrared sensor automatically clears all the jamming in the gun. The holding capacity of the balls is high that is up to 200 balls which also helps the gamer to have long competitive shots for easy elimination of the competitors.

7. GENx Kit Hopper – 200 Rounds; Suitable For Beginners

Another best option for paintball gamers is GENx Kit Hopper. Talking about the construction, this hopper is innovatively designed in a two-half body. The purpose of this construction is to help the user to clean the hopper through its easy assembling and dissembling. It also has a high holding capacity of up to 200 paintballs.

Being a Gravity Fed hopper, it does not have an indicator for battery drainage. It runs and performs well without inserting batteries and motors. Another reason for being designed in a cross-body way is to make it suitably fit to be used for every model having standardized paintball markers. The rubber ring feeding system of the loader intensifies its feeding rate, performing efficiently.

Genx innovative best paintball loader

Another factor of this hopper that makes it the most suitable to be used on a battlefield is its anti-jamming property. The improved drive system of the loader smoothly shoots the paintball shots without the risk of jamming. The material that is used in designing and manufacturing this durable hopper is black nylon. Hence it is the best choice available at a reasonable price range.


  • Two-half body
  • Suitable for every model to fit in
  • Can be easily cleaned


  • Most of its parts are made of plastic

On the affordable side, this hopper is well-suited for beginners to get a better start on the game. The hopper is designed in a two-half body which facilitates the users to clean the hopper easily and also for easy assembling and dissembling. It is a gravity-fed loader that has the capacity to run and perform well without inserting batteries and motors.

8. Dye R2 Electronic Paintball Loader

This hopper is one of the most amazing in terms of adjustability and holding capacity of the paintballs. It is one of the world’s first loaders having an adjustable capacity. The design and construction make it a highly efficient and fast loader with a sufficient amount of holding capacity. This version of the electronic hopper includes a revolutionary patent-pending shell that is multi-tasking, facilitating the user to adjust the capacity between 200-280 balls.

For easy loading, this version of R2 has a 20% of wider mount design which makes the loading of the balls easy during the shooting. The hopper can switch easily from rain lid to quick feed because the quick feed system of this hopper is redesigned for improvement. The capability to shoot 30-plus balls per second is supported by Patented Rotor Force Fed Technology.

The batteries that this hopper utilizes are 3AA batteries having an amazing feeding rate of 100,000 shots. Also, it has an indicator that is used at the time of battery drainage. Also with the blinking of the circuit board light, the user gets to know about low battery. This is the first hopper with the newly launched feature of the New Reload Alert System.


  • 20% wider mount design
  • New Reload Alert System
  • Improved redesigned quick feed system


  • Occasionally loader does not work properly

This R2 hopper is an improved version of the R1 hopper having many improved and advanced features. With the adjustable capacity holder, the user can adjust the limit of the balls between 200-280. It uses 3AA batteries and has an indicator for low battery. Being the first hopper to have the feature of the New Reload Alert System, this is one of the best paintball hoppers according to my experience.

9. Amonida Sports Paintball Hopper

While buying this hopper, the first thing that will attract the buyers is its low profile unique, and innovative sleek design. Having a high capacity, the shell of the hopper is able to hold 200 plus balls with a feed rate of 50 balls per second. The weight is pretty light and can be carried easily around without any hassle.

Innovative sleek designed hopper for best paintball guns

The construction of the hopper is done in a way to resist the impact of shocks as well as water splashes because of proprietary tuff molding hence making it shockproof and waterproof. The hopper is also called a reliable and efficient performer because the center rotor arm rotation is combined with the constant feed rotor carousel.

This gravity-fed loader does not make use of batteries or a motor for running the operations. Also, another advantage of being gravity fed is that it supports the paintball marker so well to keep it ready all the time. Effortless assembling and dissembling is also another big benefit of this hopper for gamers for easy cleaning.


  • Proprietary tuff molding
  • Constant feed rotor carousel
  • Durable and reliable


  • Bulky

On the affordable side, this is one of the most preferable hoppers. This gravity-fed hopper supports the paintball marker very well. It also has the ability to run well without using batteries or motors. While constructing this hopper, proprietary tuff molding is used that makes it shockproof and waterproof. It also effortlessly assembles and dissembles. During the field testing, we found its bulkiness a bit problematic.

10. Bunkerkings CTRL Electronic Paintball Loaders/Hoppers

Last but not the least, another best and most reliable hopper is the Bunkerkings CTRL electronic hopper. It has many advanced and high-technology features that support proactive feeding logic. It is resistant to jamming when it is combined with a magnetic drive cone.

Bunkerkings most reliable paintball hopper

The hopper is perfectly balanced on all the electronic and mechanical markers throughout snapping, running, and driving. It is also lightweight having a small compact size allowing the user to carry it easily while playing outdoor survival games. The holding capacity of the hopper is around 200-250 balls.

The use of an advanced technology called bend sensor technology automatically activates the loader while firing the marker. It is the best choice for beginners as well as professionals, providing a wider view and serving well on the battlefield. It is highly durable and sturdy due to the black nylon that is used while constructing the hopper.


  • Bend sensor technology
  • Balance perfectly on all the markers
  • Proactive feeding technology


  • Weak hinge

This hopper is on the economical side that is available in the market. The bend sensor technology allows the loader to automatically load the hopper with the balls during firing. It is the best suitable to be used on the battlefield, providing a wider view and smooth performance. The black nylon material of the shell of this hopper is highly durable and sturdy making it shock-resistant and waterproof.

Factors To Be Considered While Buying The Best Paintball Hopper

We have based our above recommendations keeping in view the following factors


If you are choosing to buy the best paintball hopper, so the first and most important thing to consider is its capacity. The best hopper is the one that has the capacity to hold a minimum of 50 balls. Try not to buy the hopper that has large capacities to hold the paintballs if you are a beginner. For professionals, it is more suitable to have a hopper with at least a holding capacity of 100 plus paintballs.

Faster Feed Rate

This is one of the most important factors to be considered when buying the best paintball hopper. The faster feed rate hopper is the most opted one due to its faster ability to reload during the shooting. The market offers gamers the most expensive hoppers that have the fastest feed rate and efficient performance level.


Note the compatibility of the hopper that perfectly fits the model. So while buying the best hopper for yourself, look at its compatibility factor which surely helps gamers to perform well in the field of battle. Also, the style of the hopper matters a lot as it should match the paintball marker of the gamer.


It is one of the most important factors that a buyer should consider while buying the best hopper for themselves. Look at the material from which it is made. The shell of the hopper, if it is made of black nylon, then it is highly sturdy and durable to hold the large paintball capacity. This also helps in making the hopper water and shock-resistant.

Weather Resistant

The manufacturing of the hopper should be done in a way that makes it suitable for gamers to use in any type of weather condition. The benefit of buying the waterproof and weather-resistant hopper is that it makes it easier for gamers to use it in heavy rainy conditions as well as in hot summers without having the fear of damage.

Firing Rate

While buying the best hopper, do investigate the firing rate. There are different hoppers with different rates of fire, that a gamer opts for according to his level of gaming. For beginners, the hopper with a slow rate of fire is highly suitable because that has a firing rate of 8 paintballs per second.

On the other hand, for professionals, the level of the hopper with the rate of firing is different. For professionals, it is recommended to have the best hopper with a higher and faster rate of fire of 20 or more paintballs per second. If you are more experienced, then opt for the high-end hopper with a faster rate of firing.


Hoppers that are made of the best and premium quality materials are considered to be highly durable and efficient performers. Look for hoppers that are made of ceramic, steel, polycarbonate fiber, and aluminum. These materials contribute to making the hoppers lightweight, affordable, durable, and shockproof.


Do search for the hopper that has anti-jamming properties. It is a very important factor as it can even change the game on the battlefield. The best paintball hopper must have this anti-jamming property as it is made of high-quality material having each and every aspect defined. The jammed hopper can make the functionality of the marker fail, resulting in losing the game.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you put any hopper with a paintball gun?

Yes, you can put any hopper with a paintball gun. But actually, most gamers avoid doing this because of the difference in the fire rate of the hopper and the rate at which the gamer fires.

How much do the paintball hoppers?

The most considerable capacity level of the hopper for holding the paintballs is 140 balls. If you are professional, then the capacity level of holding the balls can be increased to 200-280 balls.

How many paintballs fit in a paintball hopper?

The ordinary paintball hopper has the capacity of holding 200 paintballs depending upon the level of the player. The number gets changed when professionals and beginners buy the hopper with the limited paintball holding capacity.

What paintball tank should I get?

The most preferable tank that one should get should be able to get at least 600 shots. For gamers, there is a rule through which you can tell the number of shots from the tanks by multiplying the volume by 17 for 4500 PSI tanks and by 12 for 3000 PSI.

How long does the paintball tank last?

The maximum lifetime of the tank before expiration is 5 years. But to keep it further usable, the tank needs to be re-hydro tested and the pressure of the tank never comes out.

How many paintballs do I require for 2 hours of gaming?

The average number of paintballs that are required for 2 hours of gaming is almost 200-300. But for one hour, mostly the players used 100-150 paintballs for completing their game.

Does paintball hurt?

Yes, paintball hurts which causes welts and bruises on the body of the player. The pain is really severe which really depends upon the intensity and speed of the paintball.


The above-enlisted best paintball hoppers are highly recommended to beginners as well as professionals who want to improve their gaming capabilities. These best and top-rated hoppers are highly durable and lightweight with the capacity of holding 200 plus paintballs that are suitable for professional gamers. If you are still confused about making the better choice, then we are here to help you to make the better choice through our top three recommendations.

We hope that now by reading this article, you will be able to have a better choice for buying the best paintball hopper for improving your game. The above three mentioned hoppers are the best ones for paintball games having suitable paintball holding capacity along with many other advanced features making them suitable for both beginners as well as professional paintball gamers.

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