Best Fireproof Gun Safes Reviews & Buying Guide (Jan-2023)

We have collected the best fireproof gun safes with exceptional water resistance, great material, sturdy construction, and combination locks.

The best gun safes that are fire proof

Are you in search of a safe that keeps your guns safe under all circumstances? While your gun safe shows excellent properties and features top-notch material, it may not surely be the best. People often overlook the most important quality, the fireproof feature. It is very crucial to the safety of your valuables as it protects them if a fire happens.

There are many instances when the place catches fire. Therefore, it is vital that your gun safe has an exceptional fire rating together with other quality features. Moreover, the water resistance, great material, sturdy construction, and combination locks make a gun safe the best in the market. However, there are a number of options to choose from, and it gets tedious to go through all of them. To save this perplexing activity and the whole effort, we have collected the best fireproof gun safes. Dive in now!

10 Best Fireproof Gun Safes

1. Sentry Safe SFW123DSB Fireproof Safe

Our top pick for the best fireproof gun safes is Sentry Safe SFW123DSB due to its exceptional properties and outstanding features. Some of them are its great waterproofing ability, great fireproofing, and resilient material. First, the fire rating is going to astound you and is going to leave you completely shocked. With a high rating of up to 1700 Fahrenheit, it is going to keep your guns fully protected and secured. Well, it has a lot more to it. Have detailed know-how because we are sure it’s right for your needs and demands.

Sentry safe the top fireproof safe for safe keeeping og your guns

Further, you can use this astounding safe to keep all kinds of valuables, may it be documents or guns. The versatility is surely unparalleled. Additionally, it can withstand about 8 inches of water for almost a day. How exceptional is that? It surely makes it stand out among its competitors.

Moreover, the reliability is unquestionable. It features a combinational lock together with a secondary one that will protect your valuables for sure. It is one of the most advanced gun safes in the market, and we can bet on that.

Moreover, the robust construction saves it from any kind of theft. The material can withstand high impacts and is never going to put your valuables at risk. The surety is further enhanced due to the added hinged bar. It is almost impossible to cut this material. Lastly, it features around five locks which makes the protection perfect. Moreover, it is small and compact, which makes it very uncomplicated and easy to save your small guns. This is surely the best in the market as it comprises anything barely.


  • Great waterproofing
  • Excellent resilience
  • Quality construction


  • Inappropriate for larger guns

Furthermore, it features layers of storage for better adjustability and maximum space. What is even better is that you can remove it depending on what you wish to store. The convenience and customization are surely one of the best features associated with this quality gun safe. Do you have some accessories with your firearms and need storage space for those items? Don’t you worry because this comes with a door pocket provided for that purpose. Have great and exceptional Sentry safe for you now!

2. Steel water AMSWFB-845 2-Hour

Steelwater AMSWFB-845 2-Hour Fireproof and Burglary Safe

Steel water, a company known for producing very sophisticated, attractive, and appealing safes, has unleashed another masterpiece. AMSWFB-845 stuns us with its incredible and robust construction and amazing fireproofing abilities. When it comes to fire rating, this has left behind all of its competitors. Can you believe a safe guaranteeing protection from smoke and heat up to 1850 Fahrenheit, that two for 120 minutes? Whether you believe it or not, this model makes it possible for everyone out there.

Moreover, chrome plating will ensure quality protection as the plating enhances the durability with the hardness. Along with that, exceptional corrosion protection is also promised. While making the exterior ravishing along with promising incredible impact resistance chrome plating, the glass relocking is going to make the system more protected. This will keep off any kinds of drill attacks. Two more security levels are present. One is the hinges placed on the outside and the other one are the locking bolts which makes the entry impossible.

The astounding versatility makes the safe perfect for all ages and everyone. The optional lock options make the usage very feasible. You can use the combinational one as it is uncomplicated to use and keeps the lock very safe from theft threats. If you want to shift to a safer and relatively difficult option, you can use the digital locking system. It enhances the reliability of the whole system. Furthermore, this is compact and can be easily placed in your home. You don’t require a lot of space to keep it.


  • Attractive design
  • Robust construction
  • Solid security


  • Suitable for small weapons

The adjustability is exceptional, which makes this safe very customized. It comes with two shelves which you can keep or remove based on your requirements. This will make the storage space very suitable. This is extremely safe. Whether it is your firearms or important documents, this safe is just what you need. With its suitable customization options, this is surely one of the best in the market. Purchase this now and say no to any kind of theft due to premium security and exceptional protection.

3. SWSD20GUN-EMP 60 Minute Fireproof 20 Long Gun Safe

Featuring a classy and most sophisticated exterior, SWSD20GUN-EMP is one of the most desirable guns safe. This is due to the quality, premium, and astounding features that this gun safe comes with. First and foremost, the construction is unmatched and unparalleled. The steel construction on the outside makes the safe so strong and robust. This is not all. It is further covered through thick composite construction. This is to cover up the vulnerable areas. Lastly, the fiberboard construction makes it perfectly secured.

Steelwater fire proof classy gun safe that lasts for 60minutes.

Further, don’t you worry about the integrity of your valuables as this features an astounding fire rating. Promising an exceptional and highest rating of up to 1875 Fahrenheit, it is going to protect your firearms at all costs from smoke and heat. Another advanced feature of this gun safe is the expanding of the door seal in case of fire. This way no smoke enters and the structure is secured. Get yourself absolutely tension-free from all kinds of theft as this has the ultimate best protection.

Moreover, the security is high-end and ensures that it poses a real challenge to thieves. With strong and thick steel construction, there is indeed no chance of a power tool to open the safe. The resistance to drill and to the ballistic impacts makes this oh-so-desirable due to great reliability. Moreover, in case the safe breaks through high-end equipment, the relocking featuring spring action will not be unlocked, making the whole attempt a failure. How very secure is that! We are indeed astounded.


  • Classy exterior
  • Improved security
  • High-end construction


  • Difficult operating

In addition to the advanced security, robust construction, the safe is very organized and lets you have a premium experience. The integrated LED light will let you view all the corners with ultimate ease and doesn’t require the use of any other light. This is ideal for storing up to 20 small guns and about 15 larger ones. It features sufficient and adequate space. Get your hands on this outstanding gun safe now to provide your guns with the premium storage they deserve. This is surely not going to disappoint you.

4.  Steelwater 39 Long Gun Fire Protection for 120 Minutes AMHD593924-EMP

Yet another masterpiece from steelwater that fits right on the description of best fireproof gun safes in the market. If you have been looking for a gun safe promising best-fireproofing action then EMP Proof steelwater is the best one for you. Further, it comprises additional great features and astounding quality that leaves us completely stunned. This advanced and perfectly constructed safe is surely from the future. From construction to material, from security to ease, from adjustment to everything else, this has got you all covered.

Steelwater 39 long, best gun safe fire proof for 120 minutes

Boasting an exceptional fire rating which extends to about 120 minutes, this can withstand smoke up to 1875 Fahrenheit. Moreover, the construction is very thoughtful and high-end. The reinforced steel is never going to let anyone break in no matter what they have. May it be drills or power tools, it is never going to be subject to breakage. Further, this compact safe is perfect to keep your small guns and ammunition. It is surely the best safe promising advanced security and robust construction.

Moreover, plating ensures that no intrusion happens. Due to thick outside covering, one cannot reach your valuables. Featuring 9 gauges of sturdy and strong steel followed by a quarter-inch of the robust steel plate, the theft is indeed impossible. In case of prying attacks, the gear drive system is installed to handle it all. In addition to that, the storage is quite sufficient. With premium adjustability, it accommodates several small firearms. Therefore, if you have an arsenal of small guns, this should be your ultimate choice.


  • High adjustability
  • Advanced security
  • Durable material


  • Suitable for small guns

Additionally, it features programmable, advanced electronic locks along with an easy moving lever. Moreover, it comes with shelves which keeps your arsenal more organized and create more space. Along with that, you can also place your important accessories associated with the firearms there. This is surely one of the best fireproof gun safes you can opt for. Get your hands on this premium gun safe and protect your valuables from any theft. You surely would be glad at this purchase.

5. Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 Long Gun Fire Protection for 60 Minutes AMSW592818-blk

AMSW592818 model from the highly reputed company steel water, features unique and advanced security which makes theft impossible. Moreover, the LED inside the safe makes it perfectly visible. The space is well-lit which lets you view your arsenal. And did we mention the astounding fire rating? Well, this model doesn’t compromise on fire rating at all with an hour of complete protection against heat up to 1875 Fahrenheit. What else does one wish for? Let’s get to know many quality features of this model too.

Steelwater heavy duty gunsafe best fireproof for 60minutes

Furthermore, the safe is spacious and can accommodate your arsenal containing about 15 guns. You can make them all adjust through the shelves provided. Moreover, you can remove the shelves with unmatched ease. This way, you can organize the guns and firearms perfectly. In addition to that, it offers superior protection from EMP attacks which are quite common now. Well, thanks to this robust and strong gun safe, it is surely going to restrict all those. This safe indeed stands out among its competitors.

Along with the EMP security system, this also features an electronic lock. This enhances the ease and feasibility. In addition to that, it is also very difficult to access by others due to the bypass key lock. Moreover, the strong and resilient material featuring great impact resistance is surely going to resist all those drill and power tools. Additionally, it features a plate covering which further improves the protection and security system. Your valuables, may they be firearms or documents, will be fully protected.


  • Advanced security system
  • Great material
  • Spacious


  • Wood floor

The locks and plates on all four sides of this safe will leave no single area which can be vulnerable. Every side is perfectly protected. Moreover, it features codes that are reprogrammable. What is even better is that it comes with two codes. We strongly advise you to go for this as this is probably the most advanced and secure gun safe unleashed. Get your hands on this premium safe and stop worrying about your precious and important valuables.

6. Fortress Gun Fireproof Safe

In case you own several rifles and are looking for a sophisticated yet protected safe to organize them in, fortress fireproof safe is what you were searching for. While having absolutely no tension of fire and your rifles getting destroyed, this safe stuns you with its incredible fireproof rating. This protects your rifles and other firearms for about half an hour from smoke at the temperature of 1200 Fahrenheit. When compared to the others on the list, this is a bit low but the other features surely compensate well for this.

Fortress fireproof gun protective safe

Firstly, this features indestructible and solid steel which is about two millimeters thick. It promises great stability and robust construction. It also proves as a strong and appropriate defense against any kind of theft. Furthermore, the electronic security system is one of the most advanced. It surely stands out when it comes to security features. It comes with backlit security which includes a deterrent as well as a theft alarm which indicates as soon as some activity like that is detected.

Moreover, it comes up with a secure backup key. This way you always have access even if you forget the code. This is surely a great masterpiece of engineering. First, the external hinges are so made that they can be opened to the fullest, 180 degrees. This ensures that you are at convenience and can access and reach the corners of the safe. Furthermore, it is quite spacious. You can store several rifles along with compact guns and firearms along with their accessories. For that purpose, you can use the shelf.


  • Spacious
  • Well-protected
  • Indestructible material


  • Less fire rating

This gun safe is worth every penny due to its classy exterior, superior construction, and ultimate security that it offers. Moreover, the space, convenience, and excellent adjustability are other plus points that urge one to opt for it. This is right for all your ammunition including the rifles. Store a decent size of your arsenal and make it well-protected through an advanced security system.

7. Jolitac Biometric Cabinet Safes

If you love advanced security safes with biometrics, then the Jolitac Biometric cabinet safe is the right one for you. This pushes out the typical methods behind and comes with fingerprints which are unique and more secure. One can use the section provided for smart and biometric checks. After that is completed, you are the owner, it provides you access to the gun safe. However, that is not all to this great and superior gun safe. It comprises certain other astounding features reviewed and described below. Dive in!

Jolitac Biometric advanced fireproof security safe best for guns

First, the entire process needs to be explained so that you are aware of the method and it comes in handy. No matter how many owners are of the safe, it allows an exceptional quantity of 32 different fingerprints. Firstly, you have to press the start key. This will make the fingerprint area illuminated and enlightened. Afterwhich, you slightly place your thumb or finger. In the case of right access indicated through green light signal, it allows you to rotate the knob. This will let you get into the safe. Easy! Right?

Moreover, it features carbon-steel construction. The material is known for its durability and exceptional reliability. Further, it makes the safe very secure and well-protected due to the strong and resilient properties of the material. It is further coated with rust. This will not only make it safer but also protects it from corrosive attacks. Lastly, the welding completes the construction. It ensures that everything is seamlessly sealed and cannot be subjected to any theft attacks.


  • Durable construction
  • Very advanced
  • Quality material


  • Users find it complicated

The security is exceptional. This features a lock which is a motorized deadbolt. This won’t let any power tools or drills to cut in. Moreover, in case something unfortunate happens, the dual alarm performs its job. It effectively informs by ringing if excessive vibration takes place. Moreover, it will also ring in case of 5 wrong fingerprints inserted successively. This is ideal for small guns and firearms. However, it is not suitable for rifles. Get your hands on this compacted yet best fireproof gun safe.

8. SnapSafe Tall Titan Digital Modular Safe

With its exceptionally easy assembling and solid construction, snap safe tall titan is surely the best one on the list. This doesn’t require the use of any equipment to assemble this. Moreover, the construction is sturdy and robust due to the strong and great material used. It features exterior walls of steel which are 9 gauge. Moreover, it comes with additional protection and strong material. A number of quality, superior, and top-notch features make this safe perfect to keep your valuables in.

snapsafe solid construction best safe for guns for protecting from fire

The security is exceptional as well. With the digital keylock, you can have easy access to and it blocks out others. Furthermore, it prevents thefts and enhances security to a whole new level. The right materials will make this fireproof. The fire rating is again quite promising and commendable. It protects all your valuables well for about an hour from smoke up to a great temperature limit. Moreover, you can also put long-length pistols. It is ideal for all your arsenal and is certainly the safest place for them.

Coming towards its advanced and promising 4 walled design. It doesn’t allow anyone to drill through the safe due to extreme protection and the hardest materials. In addition to that, the relocker is spring-loaded which makes the mechanism simple and uncomplicated. It features an electronic lock as well which is advanced. It comes with a number of methods to input and makes this the safest safe ever manufactured. Furthermore, the exterior is very appealing too due to the powder coating and classic look.


  • Easy assembling
  • Hard material
  • Advanced locking systems


  • Not for rifles

Lastly, the interior is also very commendable due to lining and proper adjustable shelves. This not only creates space but also provides you with the authority to customize the gun safe according to your arsenal. The included adjustable locks further enhance the adjustability. This is certainly the best in the market with its high-end construction, top-notch material, and quality features. Get your hands on this premium safe now!

9. KAER Gun Safes for Pistols

This comes with a ravishing, striking, and unique design which makes KAER gun safes the best you can have for yourself. Along with the safety, the ultimate protection, and exceptional fire rating are exceptional. The best feature that truly makes it stands out is the convenience it offers. Featuring alarms for ultra safety, it reminds you to charge them if the battery gets below the critical level. Not to mention its exceptional ability to hold fingerprints. You can store up to 20 different fingerprints which add to the convenience.

Ravishing unique designed KAER fireproof safe best for pistols

Additionally, it comes with backup options too in case something happens. With two keys along with the PIN too, the quick and effective performance of it is surely going to stun you. Talking more about convenience, it makes detection easy and super swift. It takes only a second due to a large detector which enhances ease for people having large fingers. Don’t worry if your fingers are sweaty or wet as the detector resists any such thing making the detection accurate and perfect.

Moreover, the hydraulic rod moves perfectly and has incredible durability. This is due to the right material which also makes the operation quiet. Along with that, it stands out when it comes to quality construction. The steel and that too 18 gauges makes the drilling and any other theft option useless. This is not all as the material is later on coated with a finished coating. The coating not only improves the exterior making it more catchy but also resists corrosive attacks.


  • Excellent construction
  • Durable
  • Great detection


  • No guide included

In addition to that, the operation is incredibly quiet and makes the entire thing peaceful. Further, the addition of LED lights again enhances the convenience. This great and high-quality gun safe is definitely going to put you at ease mentally by keeping your valuables very safe and rightly protected. Whether it is the locking mechanism or the adjustability, whether it is the noise or the light, this model serves to enhance your convenience. This is what makes it ideal and highly desirable.

10. Stealth 14 Gun Safe EGS14

Stealth 14 Gun safe is our absolute favorite due to added security and ultimate protection. It has proven itself and stands out in everything, may it be durability or exceptional material. It features a hard plate which makes entry impossible. Moreover, the security lock is advanced and is incredible due to several unique features. Lastly, it comes with a relocked which further improves the protection and security. Well, there is a lot to it. To know all of its features and astounding quality, dive in!

Stealth 14 added security best fireproof gun locker

In addition to that, it offers an incredible fire rating that extends up to half an hour. It makes all your valuables well-protected, may it be guns or important documents. Further, it features an expandable door. The seal will expand if the fire starts and the temperature rises. Moreover, the security is the best with the 6 bolts. They all are composed of high-quality, top-notch steel. The door is also made of steel which makes the thefts highly unlikely.

It is super adjustable and makes the guns settle perfectly. You can adjust the shelves according to what you wish for. This largely depends on your arsenal. Moreover, it is quite spacious which accommodates a lot of guns and other firearms. This is surely the best when it comes to adjustability.


  • High adjustability
  • Strong material
  • Ultimate protection


  • A bit higher on the price end.

Including several accessories, this comes as a complete package. It makes it a perfect pick for all your valuables. No need to worry about their safety as this is capable of protecting them under all conditions, may it be fire or water. Get your hands on the best gun safe in the market and put all tensions to rest.

Buying Guide- What features to consider when purchasing the best fireproof gun safes?

If you are a person with a great collection of firearms and guns, you should really get yourself a safe to keep them. This, along with protecting your expensive and superior arms from thieves, will also keep them off the wrong hands. However, one should not go for any gun safe blindly, instead, it should be a wise choice. You should consider a number of factors and features that should be present in your gun safe.

May it be the fire rating or the waterproofing of your gun safe, may it be the solid construction it safe access, this should all be given due consideration. The absence of these will let your gun safely fall short of one or more basic features which determine quality and safety. Therefore, never overlook these quantities and make sure to invest in top-notch gun-safe with promising standards.

Fire Rating

If you are going for a great, waterproof gun safe then one factor you should definitely consider is the fire rating it offers. The fire rating determines how great the temperature can your gun safe survive before it is subjected to smoke and other heat damage. It can affect your arsenal making it a total waste. Moreover, the manufacturers always instruct the safety temperature rating. You should consider that rating with the one promised by your gun safe and choose wisely.

The recommended range as given through safety standards is 1750 Fahrenheit. At this temperature range, your basic and cheap guns would be safe and sound for around half an hour. Therefore, if you have valuable ones that require utmost protection, you should look for safes having an even greater temperature range. Also, they should promise guaranteed protection for over an hour.


If we talk about one ignored and overlooked feature that is really vital to your gun safes then that is waterproofing. It is very natural that sometimes fire occurs. Well, in that case, you use excessive water to put that fire out. Therefore, your gun safe should withstand all that water and keep your guns protected and all safe. Purchase a gun safe guaranteeing water resistance and retrieve your guns as good as new.

Read the review of the material you are going to purchase in-depth. Some gun safes offer a 24-hour moisture-resistant rating. With that, they promise that the safe will provide exceptional protection for a day if exposed to water. It is not going to protect your guns for more than that in case of exposure therefore, it is recommended to wisely purchase the right one for you. Moreover, do duly check the protective depths of gun safes too. Some really costly ones would even protect during floods!


Construction plays a huge role. While having a gun safe, you need to guarantee that it is rightly protected and features astounding yet durable material. As the material and the sturdy construction will make the probability of theft lower. Further, the material should have high and incredible impact resistance and great resilience. Moreover, it should also display toughness, hardness, and great resistance to chemical attacks. The material fulfilling the criteria is steel or either composites.

In addition to that, the steel coating ensures the failure of the use of any kind of drills or tool. Therefore, in order to ensure that nothing unfortunate happens with your valuables, you need to go with the one that features the construction of heavy-duty, superior, and hardcore materials. Do duly consider the material your safe is composed of.

Safe Accesses

When affordability becomes the main concern, you are left with gun safes with few combinational locks. However, the manual insertion of the codes offers several advantages as well. Firstly, you are absolutely protected from all EMP attacks. Moreover, they offer superior reliability and premium security. But, it takes longer to put in the code and access your valuable guns and firearms.

Nowadays, electronic locks are on a boom. Therefore, there are a huge number of options to select from. From keypad locks to biometric ones, you can go for anyone according to what you think the best one is. While keypad locks promise great and unmatched convenience, the biometric ones are relatively advanced. With numerous combination choices, there are good options. However, they might be subjected to EMP attacks. The unique fingerprints allow you to access the safe easily and secure it.

Furthermore, one cannot doubt the security which is offered through the biometric ones. That is indeed exceptional. Additionally, reliability is another plus point. Whatever type you choose, make sure to go for an easier second manual option for the unfortunate times.

Storage Capacity

You might have a few guns or you might own many. Therefore, it is always wise to select the safe considering its storage capacity. Moreover, the type of your weapons also is really crucial to your decision. In case, your arsenal comprises small, basic guns, go for a small, compacted one. This won’t demand a large space and can be kept with premium ease.

If you require the safe for the tons of rifles you own, you need to go for a relatively taller gun safe. This will accommodate your rifles perfectly and safely. Furthermore, no matter what your arsenal comprises, do consider going for the one offering a little storage space on the rear. This additional storage space will aid in keeping your accessories associated with your firearms. This is very important as it makes everything organized.

Lastly, if you own a large gun collection and are hoarding even more, look for safes with feature removable shelves. In case you are not able to find one, go for the adjustable ones. This will let you adjust all your guns and rifles perfectly avoiding any fuss. Along with that, it will eliminate the need of buying multiple safes. Therefore, it is highly recommended to purchase the one having removable shelves.

Frequently Asked Questions

u003cstrongu003eAre large gun safes fireproof?u003c/strongu003e

Yes, the large gun safes are completely fireproof offering exceptional fireproof ratings. Some gun safes also display ratings of 1200 Fahrenheit for over an hour which is incredible. This provides enough time to put off the fire and call some experienced ones to assist you further.

u003cstrongu003eWhat is the best fire rating for a gun safe?u003c/strongu003e

The best-recommended rating is about an hour. Some suggest that it should even extend to an hour and a half. This will keep your valuables safe, no matter if it is a firearm or a document. These suggested ratings will not let you worry about your essentials in the worst times.

u003cstrongu003eShould a gun safe be fireproof?u003c/strongu003e

This is an important criterion. The fires are natural and may occur at any time. In such unfortunate cases, it becomes vital that your gun safes are rightly protected and secured. Therefore, they need to be u003ca href=u0022https://www.britannica.com/dictionary/fireproofu0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noreferrer noopeneru0022u003efireproofu003c/au003e and should display a great fire rating as well.

Final Verdict

With valuable firearms in your arsenal, you require a safe that keeps them protected. No one wants to purchase hundreds of dollars of guns and end them being stolen. It is indeed a nightmare. Therefore, you require a gun safe to keep them rightly secured. However, you just don’t need any gun safe but require a gun safe promising on standards of safety and quality. This requires you to purchase the one having incredible construction, excellent water resistance, and superior fire rating. Our top 3 recommendations guaranteeing these are.

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