Best Paintballs- Reviews & Buying Guide 2023

The joy of playing a paintball game doubles when your paintball hits the target every time, which is possible if you use the best paintballs.

Best Paintballs

The best weekend activity for me is playing a game of paintball. It gives me a chance to spend valuable time outdoors and is also a good source of entertainment. The game’s enjoyment is doubled when I aim for a friend on the opposite team, and the paintball hits them every single time.

This is possible only if you load your gun with the best paintballs. Otherwise, your shots will be flying left and right, and only a handful of them will hit the intended target. As this is my favorite activity, hence I have knowledge about which paintballs are the best in the market. Therefore, I am passing that knowledge on to you in this article. Enlisted are the 10 Best Paintballs to make your game more fun!

Top 10 Best Paintballs Of 2023

1. Valken Tango Paintballs – Best Paintballs For The Money

The name Valken provides enough credibility to anyone who is interested in paintballs. These Valken Tango paintballs are one of the best options for anyone who is looking for some high-end paintballs for their next game. The best part is that these paintballs surprisingly come at quite an affordable price as compared to other models.

Vulcan Tango Paintballs best value for money

First of all, the shell of the paintballs is quite thick and sturdy. This is a good feature as they will remain in shape even under hot temperatures and weather conditions. Moreover, while loading them in a paintball gun, the chances of a paintball rupturing during loading will be minimal; hence less annoyance. The package includes 500 paintballs, which will be enough for not just one but many games.

Another feature that I particularly liked was that Valken made sure not to add any oil in the filling of the paintballs. Therefore, this way, it is easier for the users to wipe and wash the paint residue from their clothes, effortlessly. Moreover, the filling inside comes in various colors. So, you can choose one according to your liking. The diameter of the paintballs is .68. Therefore, they are perfect for recreational and professional usage, which is another star on its list of perks.


  • Highly affordable
  • For professional and recreational use
  • Sturdy shell
  • Oil-free filling


  • Not highly pigmented paint

If you have a paintball tournament coming up and need some good quality, high-end paintballs, Valken Tango paintballs are your best option. The sturdy shell keeps the filling safe and protected. In addition to that, they come at a meager price, so you will not even have to invest hundreds of bucks for a game.

2. Valken Graffiti Paintballs – Best Paintballs To Buy

Valken has made sure to come up with as many as possible variations of paintballs. Each variation befits the needs of its audience perfectly. Take the Valken Graffiti paintballs, as an example. These are not just any paintballs that you can easily find in the market. They are premium paintballs that cost a bit more than other types, but they have proven to be worth the money.

Valken Graffiti best paintballs to buy

First of all, these paintballs come with a sturdy and robust shell that will keep the filling on the inside safe. Moreover, the shell has been constructed to be weather-resistant, so you do not have to worry about the paint oozing during a game out in the rain. In addition to that, the filling on the inside is vibrant enough to be visible even from a distance.

The caliber of these paintballs is .68; hence when fired, they will go flying toward the target. In addition to that, the type of accuracy these paintballs provide will make sure that you hit the target every single time you fire. Furthermore, while testing the paintballs, I was delighted to find out that they are compatible with both hopper-fed loading systems and magazine-fed systems.


  • .68 caliber
  • Vibrant paint filling
  • Strong shell
  • Hopper-fed and magazine-fed systems
  • Weather-resistant shell


  • Comparatively expensive cost

The Valken Graffiti paintballs are the perfect fit for you if you are searching for high-end paintballs! Valken has taken things to another level with these paintballs. The shell is strong enough to withstand weather conditions, and the paint on the indie is thick and bright. Moreover, the enhanced accuracy of these paintballs is also unmatchable.

3. GI Sportz XBALL Certified Midnight Paintballs – Most Accurate Paintballs

Whether you need a new bag of paintballs for a tournament or for target practice, GI Sportz has got your back. They know the needs of their users regarding paintballs and have accumulated features catering to those needs in these paintballs! These paintballs come in 3 different colors. The color of the shell and the filling are different so that you can choose one according to your liking. Moreover, the package includes 2 packets; hence 1000 paintballs, which will be enough for multiple games.

GI Sportz Most accurate paintballs

The first great thing about these paintballs is that they have .68 caliber, which is the ideal caliber for the ammo of paintball guns. Secondly, thanks to the size of the paintballs, they have a remarkable amount of accuracy, which makes them even perfect for tournaments! Every time I shot a paintball out, it went flying toward the target and hit it accurately.

Furthermore, the shell of these paintballs is very sturdy, so they will not rupture while you are carrying them to the game. Moreover, the shell will also not break while getting loaded in the gun! So, you can forget all about the nuisance of shells leaking. In addition to that, the filling inside the shell consists of vibrant hues that are visible even from a distance. In addition to being vibrant, the filling has been composed with a formula that makes it a piece of cake to wipe the paint from your gear and suit!


  • Reasonable cost
  • Can be wiped easily
  • .68 caliber
  • Enhanced accuracy


  • Not weather-resistant shell

The GI Sportz paintballs are the perfect type of paintballs for anyone who is looking for better accuracy that comes at a low cost. The size of the paintballs makes sure that you hit the target every time. Moreover, despite being vibrant, the filling on the inside can be wiped and cleaned easily.

4. May Vary Paintball Pellets – High-Quality Paintballs

The May Vary paintballs have been categorized as the 10 best paintballs for a reason. These paintballs are compatible with different paintball guns, but you can also use them with a slingshot. I tried using them with my slingshot, and they went flying and ruptured right on the target. The package includes 500 balls which will last you many tournaments and games of paintball.

May Vary High quality paintball pellets

The size of these paintballs makes them perfect for .68 caliber guns! Just load your gun with the ammo and step into the field; your paintballs will hit the target accurately. These paintball pellets come in various colors, so you have the freedom to choose the color of your liking. In addition to that, the quality of the paint is top-notch and easily washable. So, even if you get hit, you can wipe the paint off easily. 

In addition to that, May Vary knows the importance of a strong shell as it carries the paint. This is why they have made the shell of these paintball pellets strong. Unless you shoot a paintball out of your gun toward a target, these balls will not break easily. This is quite an important feature as you will be carrying the paintballs to the field from your home, so you need the ones that are strong enough to not break while being carried.


  • Affordable cost
  • 500 balls in the package
  • .68 caliber
  • Strong shell
  • Come in various colors


  • Paint filling is very oily

The May Vary paintball pellets are ideal for you if you are searching for more pellets for a comparatively less amount of money. These paintballs come at a low price, but that does not mean the quality is compromised. The shell is sturdy enough to safely hold the paint inside and only ruptures when it hits a target.

5. JT GI Splatmaster .50 Cal Paintball – Good Cheap Paintballs

It is very easy to find paintball ammo that is ideal for professionals. However, the one that suits the needs of beginners is not easy to find. Therefore, JT GI Splatmaster took it upon themselves to make the perfect ammo that is good for beginners as well as professional players. First of all, the package includes 1000 paintballs, which will last you many games.

JT splatmaster Good cheap paintballs

Secondly, these paintballs are non-toxic, which is my personal favorite feature. Even if any paintball accidentally gets into your mouth or eyes, it will not cause any harm. In addition to that, the perfect round shell makes sure that your paintball lands on the target every time you shoot it out of your gun. The paint filling inside the shell is of bright colors. However, the paint can be wiped off with just water. So, you do not need to worry about deep cleaning your gear after every game.

Furthermore, the paintballs are smaller in size; hence they are compatible with guns of .50 caliber. The size of the paintballs is what makes them perfect for learners as they will not hurt as much as the larger ones. Moreover, the smaller size also makes it possible for you to fit more ammo into your hopper, hence less reloading.


  • 1000 balls
  • Non-toxic
  • .50 caliber
  • Can be washed with water
  • More ammo in the hopper
  • Ideal for beginners


  • Costs more than others
  • Does not go very far

These paintballs are ideal for beginners and learners who are looking for low-impact paintballs. The smaller size of these paintballs makes them perfect for the .50 caliber paintball guns. Moreover, the paint that has been filled inside the shell is bright enough to be visible from a distance. Despite being bright, it can be cleaned with just water.

6. Loader Paintball 500 Rounds

It is easy to find paintball ammo for games and tournaments. However, finding paintballs that are perfect for training sessions is not as easy as it seems. Worry no more; Loader has made this job quite easy for you as they have introduced their new paintballs that are ideal for training and target practice sessions.

Loader paintballs

First of all, there are approximately 500 balls added to the package. Therefore, you can practice and shoot for as long as you want to; you will not run out of ammo. The construction of the paintballs is also quite notable. They come with a well-built exterior that is perfectly round. A more round shape means more precision and accuracy of the shot.

In addition to that, the paint that occupies the inside of each paintball is of bright and vivid color. This way, you can easily spot whether or not your paintball has hit the target, even from a distance. Furthermore, the filling is free of oils, so you can easily clean the paint without having any oil residue left behind. Moreover, these paintballs are larger in size. Therefore, they are fit for guns of .68 caliber, which is the ideal size for shooting.


  • 500 paintballs
  • Highly affordable cost
  • Bright color filling
  • Oil-free filling


  • Only suitable for training

The Loader Paintballs are your best option if you are searching for a set of paintballs for target practice sessions. The size of these paintballs makes them perfect for target practice and training. They are compatible with .68 caliber guns and come with a bright filling that is free of oils.

7. Valken Fate Paintballs

When the name Valken is mentioned, you can be sure that you are dealing with a product of high quality. They are aware of the needs of their customers on a paintball field; hence they have manufactured a variation of paintballs that will befit every need of the users. The Valken Fate paintballs will hit the target accurately.

Valken fate paintballs - High quality

The paintballs are smaller in size, so they are more compatible with paintball guns of .50 caliber. However, this is not a drawback; a smaller size means you can fit more paintballs in the hopper of your gun! Moving towards the make of these paintballs, Valken has constructed these paintballs with high-grade material. The shells are sturdy enough to withstand being carried from one place to another. They are also strong enough to keep the paint filling safely on the inside without the nuisance of any leakage.

Another perk of these paintballs is that they are shipped with dividers and square boxes, so not even one paintball will break during delivery. Moreover, the striking yellow shell casings carry white paint on the inside. The paint itself can be removed from any surface quite easily. Whether it is your gear or your dress, you can wash the paint off simply with water.


  • .50 caliber
  • More ammo in the hopper
  • Strong shell casings
  • Paint wipes off easily


  • Comparatively expensive cost

If you are looking for paintball ammo that will have your back in training sessions as well as during a tough game, you need to spend your money on the Valken Fate paintballs. The package includes a bag of paintballs that will last you many games. The quality of these paintballs and their performance are noteworthy features that make them worth the slightly heavy price.

8. Valken Infinity Paintballs

The product that comes with the name Valaken means that you can blindly trust it to work perfectly, which it will. The best feature of the Valken products is that they not only focus on production and quality but also make sure that the packaging is also top-notch. These Valken Infinity paintballs will arrive at your doorstep in a strong box with cardboard dividers. So, you can be sure that not a single ball will rupture during delivery.

Valken Infinity trustworthy paintballs

In addition to that, the quality of the paintballs is also noteworthy. They consist of a strong shell that has paint filling on the inside. The shell is strong enough to withstand being carried and only breaks when it hits a target from a distance. The larger size of the paintballs makes them ideal for guns with .68 caliber. This is the ideal caliber for paintball shooting, as it travels a long distance and goes in a straight line.

The striking pink filling of these paintballs makes them the perfect ammo for a tournament of paintball. Even if you take long-distance shots, you will be able to spot whether or not the ball hit the target from a distance. Moreover, if you are worried about the paint leaving behind a residue, you can stop. From my personal experience, the paint can be removed very easily.


  • Easily removable paint
  • .68 caliber
  • Cardboard dividers
  • Striking color filling


  • Costs more than competitors

With the Valken Infinity paintballs, you will no longer have to worry about the balls not hitting the target accurately. These paintballs are larger in size; hence they will travel a longer distance. Moreover, the strong shell construction makes sure that they only rupture when shot from a distance.

8. Empire Marballizer Paintballs

If you constantly worry about the paintballs breaking in the barrel of your gun, then Empire has brought you a perfect solution to that problem. The new Empire Marballizer paintballs come with a sturdy and robust shell that will not crack or break unless it hits a surface from a distance.

Empire Marballizer -highest quality

In addition to that, Empire has added an advanced Empire Advantage Technology to these paintballs. This makes sure that the ball shoots straight out of the barrel of your gun and hits the target perfectly. Another great perk of these paintballs is that they are moisture-resistant, so even if you are playing in the rain, your ammo will be safe.

The inside of each shell casing is filled with thick paint that is bright enough to spot from a distance. Moreover, the color of the filling makes it possible to even see the color in the dark. In addition to that, the feature that I really liked about these paintballs is that they are eco-friendly. They are free of oil and biodegradable. So, even if a few land on a tree here and there, they will not cause any damage to them.


  • Bright paint filling
  • Hardshell
  • Empire advantage technology
  • Moisture resistant


  • Hefty cost

If you are not bothered by heavy price tags, then the Empire Marballizer paintballs are a perfect fit for you. They come with hard shells that have a filling of thick paint. The paint is oil-free; hence it will easily wipe off without leaving any residue behind.

10. Umarex T4E Premium

Umarex has introduced a variation of paintballs that will help you ace your next game. The Umarex T4E Premium paintballs have been constructed with high-quality material. The shell itself is strong enough to withstand the pressure of being loaded in a gun. So, you do not have to worry about any ball rupturing in the gun and losing your ammo.

Umarex t4e best for pro players

There are 500 paintballs inside the package, so a single purchase will last you many games. In addition to that, the paintballs are delivered in a box, instead of the usual plastic bag. This way, you will receive your package with all the paintballs still intact. Moreover, the size of the paintballs is comparatively small, so they are more compatible with .43 caliber guns.

One of the best perks of the size of these paintballs is that they are small; hence more paintballs can be loaded into the gun as compared to the larger ones. Moreover, the accuracy of these paintballs is also enhanced. In addition to that, the small size makes them ideal for beginners and learners. The blue paint filling inside each shell will make sure you can spot whether your shot hit the target or not.


  • Hard shell construction
  • 500 paintballs
  • .43 caliber
  • Enhanced accuracy


  • Comparatively high price

Everything about these paintballs makes them a good fit for beginners and learners who are looking for high-quality paintballs for their training sessions. The smaller size makes it easier for users to load more ammo into their guns. Moreover, the hard shell will make sure that the blue paint filling stays safe no matter how many paintballs you load into the gun.

Buying Guide

If you want to ace any sport, the first thing that you need is the right set of gear and equipment. If you do not have the right equipment, you will not be able to succeed no matter how skillful you are. The same is the case with a game of paintball. When you are out in the field, you are relying on your ammo to hit the target accurately in order to win the game.

Therefore, selecting the right gear, i.e., paintballs, is even more important than learning how to play paintball. A few ways will help you figure out and locate the right type of ammo for you. Give a thorough read to the factors below, and then buy the perfect paintballs for yourself.

Compatible With The Guns

The first thing that you need to check before you make a final purchase is whether or not the paintballs are compatible with your gun. Each set of paintballs has a different size; hence they are more suitable for different guns. This factor can be determined easily by checking the size and the caliber of the paintball. The paintballs that are most commonly used are bigger in size and more compatible with the bigger guns that have .68 caliber.

There are many other sizes also available in the market that are larger and smaller than .68 caliber. However, this site is considered ideal for games as it moves toward the target at a fast pace and has better accuracy. Other smaller sizes are compatible with the guns with .50 caliber and .43 caliber. If you are a beginner, I would suggest you buy a smaller size as it is easier to train with a smaller size.

Shell Construction

Another important factor to check before spending your money is the construction of the shell. This is of utmost importance as the shell carries the important part, i.e., the paint filling. If a paintball has a weaker shell, it will most likely crack inside the gun and start leaking. This will cause the wastage of both money and ammo. This is why it is important that you make sure that the paintballs you are purchasing come with strong shells.

Filling Color

This is dependent upon the preference of a person. However, there is a factor that you need to keep in mind. If you buy a paintball that has light-colored filling on the inside, it will be difficult for you to spot whether or not you hit the target. Moreover, brighter colors are easy to spot in the dark as well as during the day.

Easily Removable Paint

While purchasing a bag of paintballs, make sure that you get yourself a bag of good quality paintballs. This can be determined by how easily removable the paint is. Many people do not consider this factor and then are stuck with splashes of color on their gear and clothes. So, make sure that you get yourself a bag of paintballs that can be removed and wiped off easily. Moreover, make sure that there is no oil in the filling of the paint so that you are not left with a sticky, oily residue.

Weather Resistant Shell

Many buyers often neglect or overlook this factor while they are buying paintballs. However, the importance of this factor hits them when they are out in the field, and it starts raining, and their ammo starts melting. Make sure that you get yourself a bag of paintballs that come with moisture and weather-resistant shells. This way, even out in the rain, your ammo will be safe!

Usage Of The Paintballs

Another factor that you need to be mindful of while making a purchase is the usage of paintballs. There are a few companies that manufacture paintballs solely for tournaments and gaming purposes. On the other hand, a few manufacturers have introduced paintballs that are ideal for training and target practice sessions.


What’s the best type of paintball?

Valken Tango paintballs are the best type of paintballs currently available in the market. What makes them the best is that they come with strong and hard shells that keep the paint filling protected on the inside. Moreover, the paint does not contain any oil, so you can clean it easily.

What size paintballs do pros use?

The .68 caliber paintballs are the ones that professional players use. The reason behind the usage of paintballs of this size is that they travel more distance as compared to the smaller size. Moreover, the accuracy of these paintballs is also better.

Can 11-year-olds play paintball?

The ideal age for playing paintball is 12, as kids of this age are old enough to understand the rules and regulations of the game. Moreover, they are also old enough to keep themselves safe during a game of paintball. However, if your 11 years old kid understands the rules and wishes to play, then it is better if you give him or her a smaller gun.


The joy of playing a competitive game of paintball increases when the odds of winning the game are in your favor. A good way to make that happen is to get high-grade, professional-level equipment for yourself. I have shared every type of paintball that I have used and loved during games. I am also sharing my top 3 recommendations if you are still unsure.

  1. Valken Tango paintballs have a hard shell with oil-free filling and .68 caliber and come at an affordable price.
  2. Valken Graffiti paintballs come with sturdy, weather-resistant shells that have bright paint filling.

3. May Vary paintballs have hard shells, come in various colors, and are at an affordable price.

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