how to fix a paintball gun that wont shoot

How to fix a paintball gun that won’t shoot (Jan-2023)

Has your paintball gun stopped working all of a sudden? Or perhaps you have been using your gun or pistol for quite some time, and it will not shoot anymore. Either way, you have come to the right place. We have been using paintball guns for several years and have a great amount of expertise. There are many reasons why a paintball gun stops shooting, but not to worry. We have some very easy ways to make them shoot again as if they were just bought!

paintball gun that wont shoot 
Paintball Guns that won't shoot

If you are curious to know how to fix a paintball gun that won’t shoot, continue reading the following article that we have written for you to be more well-informed. Sometimes, the problem is a very small one and can be fixed quickly. Other times, you might have to work a little harder. We have mentioned all the major issues that lead to a paintball gun not shooting, and we have included how you can resolve those issues.

Check your battery

Often, the paintball gun won’t shoot because the battery is not good enough. Now it does not necessarily mean that the battery has worn out due to extra usage, but that the battery was not good from the start. When we were new to paintball guns, we often came across batteries that did not function from the moment we bought them. The reason behind this was a purchase from unreliable sources. Therefore, consider checking the battery first if you want another reason that a paintball gun does not shoot is that there is air leakage to fix a paintball gun that won’t shoot. 

Check for a defective cup seal

e along the barrel. If you are looking for a short-term solution to the problem, consider applying lubricant oil to the air source adapter. Then, fix the air tank to ensure there is no more leakage. In most cases, the leakage stops, and the gun is ready to shoot again. However, if you are looking for a long-term solution to the problem, you will have to replace the parts of the gun. Since the leakage of air is usually the result of a defective cup seal, consider getting it replaced. Once before a game when our paintball gun would not shoot, we decided to apCheck for a defective O-Ring

There are different places where the paintball gun can leak air. For example, the place below the barrel can be a likely area responsible for the air leakage. To remove this issue. Check for the O-Ring in the paintball gun. Usually, when the leakage is coming from below the barrel, the O-Ring is known to be defective. All you have to do to make your paintball gun shoot is to replace the defective O-Ring. To do this, you will have to first remove the volumizer and also lubricate the new O-Ring. This way, the new O-Ring will work for longer and will be more effective in shooting paintballs.     

Check your trigger setting

Make sure that the setup of your trigger is right. For this, you need to try pressing it and check if the microswitch can open and close completely. If it does not achieve the required result, then the trigger setup needs to be changed. Adjust it accordingly until the microswitch has no issues in opening and closing to its full extent. Once you do this, your paintball gun will be ready to shoot. 

Check the air tank

One of the most common reasons behind a paintball gun not shooting is an emptied air tank. This issue can be fixed quite easily as all you need is to replace the emptied air tank with a filled one. When you use the paintball gun for a long time, its air tank is bound to empty out at some point. Therefore, it is nothing to be worried about. We just like to keep an extra ply of the lubricating oil for a temporary solution. It works great for the time being when there are no other alternatives available immediately. 

Check for broken paintballs

After every game, make it a habit to check for any broken paintballs left in the paintball gun’s chamber. Sometimes when a paintball is left in the chamber, the gun would refuse to shoot. Remove any hurdles present in the chamber so that the gun can be ready to shoot again. There are not any hard and fast rules that prevent the paintball from getting stuck in the chamber. All you can do is check for them and regularly clean the gun to enable it to shoot. If there is no broken paintball, there still can be some remains of the paintball left. You can use a squeegee to remove any paintball residues in the gun.  

Check for reduced pressure in the hammer

fix paintball marker that won't shoot

When we could not figure out the issue with our paintball gun, we discovered the importance of the hammer’s pressure. It is quite essential to make the gun to shoot. To change the pressure, all you have to do is increase the tension there. An increase in tension will increase pressure, and your paintball gun will be ready to shoot. Due to a lack of pressure, the paintball gun does not have enough strength to throw the paintball at its targeted position. Therefore, it is essential to take care of this issue.  

Check for paint 

Sometimes the only problem with your paintball gun is that it does not have any paint in it. As obvious as it sounds, many individuals forget this basic thing and get worried when their gun refuses to shoot. We recommend that you check if the breach setting has been activated in the paintball gun. Then, check if there is paint present in it. If there is no paint, then add the required amount of paint. Make sure that there are no hurdles or blockages in the gun so it can shoot smoothly without any issues. 

Compare the sizes of the paintball and the barrel

A major issue that the people new to paintball guns face is the large difference in the barrel and the paintball sizes. You have to make sure that the paintballs fit perfectly in the barrel so they can be shot easily. Otherwise, if the barrel is too big for the paintball or the paintball is too big to fit in the barrel, the gun won’t shoot. Check the diameter of both things before making a purchase to avoid such complications. 

how to fix paintball gun that wont shoot

Check for a depressed trigger

If all the other things are working fine, there might be a permanent issue with the paintball gun. To avoid these suspicions, check if the trigger of the gun is working fine. As mentioned earlier, there can be a change in trigger setup required. However, in some cases, the trigger is permanently depressed. To solve this problem, you will have to deactivate the chosen method of detection. This can be achieved through the adjustment of the trigger until you finally release it. 


If the above solutions solve your problem, then that is great! However, if your paintball gun still won’t shoot, then this means that there is a bigger problem. From our experience, it must mean that some part of the gun has been damaged and needs replacement. To find out exactly which gun part needs to be replaced, you should take it to an expert. We suggest that you go to the sellers or the manufacturers. They will tell you exactly what needs replacing. The new part might take some time to be brought and adjusted in the gun, so make sure you have ample time to repair the gun. 

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