How to Fill A Paintball Tank with An Air Compressor?

How to Fill A Paintball Tank with An Air Compressor? (Jan-2023)

You’ve grabbed your paintball gun and are ready to take over the field with your pals, but the air tank is empty. So, what happens next? To go back into the game, you must obviously replenish it. Refilling the air tank, on the other hand, is not the same as inflating tires. Paintball guns are guns that fire paintballs using compressed gas. Most paintballs are compressed CO2 cartridges that propel the pellets from the gun shaft to their intended target.

As the gas loses its compression, these CO2 cartridges must be replaced on a regular basis. Paintball tanks typically function at 4000 to 5000 PSI, while most vehicle air compressors work at 180 PSI or more. It’s not difficult to fill your paintball tank with air. Simply follow my instructions for using an air compressor to fill a paintball tank.

Types of Compressed Air Tanks

  • Co2 Tanks
  • Compressed Air Tanks
  • Nitrogen Tank

CO2 weapons are popular due to their low cost. They’re substantially less expensive and better for the environment.

Equipment Needed:

  • Air compressor
  • HPA or Co2 paintball tank
  • Fill adapter
  • Hose
  • Safety equipment

Step 1)

Examine the connection between the air tank and the attachment. When connected to the tank, an O-ring should prevent air from escaping. If you can’t discover that ring, the tank can’t be filled since the air compressor just blasts air through the surface, allowing it to escape. You must contact someone in this situation. Pull back the attachment collar to reveal the center needle if the O-ring is present. Connect it to the tank through the filling nipple. To check that the air hose is tight and solid, shake it a little.

Step 2)

Slowly discharge air into your tank once you’ve completed the attachment correctly. An air compressor with a lever is the most acceptable option. Simply push that. If it contains buttons, pay attention to which ones you press and when you do so. Regardless, don’t keep pressing the buttons or pulling the lever. Paintball air tanks should be filled gently rather than quickly. The pressure gauge rises as the filling begins. Remember that the PSI in the tank should be between 3000 and 4500. Before you begin the filling procedure, be sure you understand what your tank requires.

Step 3)

Two pressure gauges should be available: one on the pistol and the other on the air compressor. Keep an eye on both during the filling process in order to ensure the gauge is working properly. Both gauges should always move in the same direction to show that they are in good functioning order.

Step 4)

Unknowingly, most individuals try to fill their tanks too rapidly. This frequently leads to hot fill. Your gauge needle will ride extremely quickly due to the fast passage of air. Your paintball tank will undoubtedly be filled in less time. Hot fill occurs when you press too hard on the air compressor’s button or lever. The air blasts out of the compressor and into the tank, causing the gauge to swiftly increase. This is something you don’t want to happen since it might harm your tank or cause you to overestimate the contents within. Even if you aren’t using it, a hot fill looks to fill the tank, yet the air gets hot after disconnection, and the gauge dips back down. To avoid this, the entire procedure should be carried out gently.

Step 5)

This is a critical step that many newcomers overlook. When you’re finished using an air compressor to air up the tank, it should still have air inside that’s ready to transfer into the tank. That air must be discharged using the air compressor’s release valve. Pushing on that allows the excess air to escape. If you don’t remove the pressure, air will continue to flow through the hose after you have released it. This might cause damage to the tank, particularly to the fill nipple.

Step 6)

Detach the air compressor line from the fill nipple once the pressure has been released. Reverse the previous steps, starting with the collar. Remove the air hose from the attachment by pulling it down. After that, place the hose on the table and return outside for more fun.

If you’re unclear or puzzled, don’t hesitate to seek assistance. Many paintball gun experts like assisting newcomers in order to keep the sport alive and well. It’s also a good idea to watch others fill their tanks to get a better understanding of how to tackle each stage.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQS)

Is it possible to switch between tanks?

It is not possible to switch between paintball tanks. The weapons are marked to indicate whether they are CO2 or HPA. You can’t use the HPA tank with a paintball gun that uses CO2 markers because the paintball guns will be damaged.

How long will my paintball tank task?

High-pressure paintball tanks typically last 3-5 years. Last but not least, they must be hydro-checked every 3-5 years. You must be responsible enough to check when your tank’s expiration date approaches. You should then have it re-hydro-tested.

How Much Does it Cost to Refill Paintball Tank?

In most paintball gun outlets in the United States, the average filling price is $5. The charges, however, vary based on the maximum PSI of your tank.


We have discussed the topic How to Fill A Paintball Tank with An Air Compressor? and I am sure you will never face any problem Filling a paintball tank with an air compressor is simple if you understand how to put the pieces together. It may take some time to become acclimated to this technique, but with practice, it may become routine.

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