How Fast Do Paintball Guns Shoot? (Jan-2023)

Has your child recently gotten into paintball guns, and you are interested in knowing more about them? Or perhaps you have gained a fascination for guns yourself? Whatever the reason there might be for you to come across this article, you have come to the right place. We understand that the increase in the popularity of paintball guns has made it almost impossible to stay away from them. The major reason behind the rise in the popularity of these guns is the advanced features of the gun that catch the interest of young individuals. For a person who is looking for extra means of safety for their house or someone who just wants to have some fun with their friends, paintball guns are the best answer.

However, one concern that might have arisen from these guns is how fast do paintball guns shoot? When the word ‘gun’ comes into discussion, people are often triggered by the violence that might come as an outcome. It is essential to stay away from material that can cause life-threatening harm to people. But do paintball guns come in that category? Are paintball guns fast enough to pierce through someone’s skin and hurt them greatly? Continue reading this article to find out.


Many people believe that the paintball gun shoots as fast as a real gun. This is a big misconception that these people have. The truth is that even though paintball guns shoot pretty fast, they are not fast enough to kill a man like a real gun. People measure the speed of the paintball gun in feet per second. While most paintball guns can shoot at the speed of 300 feet per second, many paintball fields do not allow this. Instead, they only allow a speed of 280 feet per second. This allows the game to be safe for all the players and lets people have fun without getting seriously injured.

if you think that you can bring a paintball gun with a greater speed to your paintball games then you are wrong. There is a chronograph test that finds out the speed of each paintball gun. Moreover, you will also be asked about the speed of your paintball gun so that it is confirmed that your gun cannot cause great harm to any individual.

From our experience, even though the speed of the paintball gun is relatively lowered for these paintball fields, it is still good enough. The reason behind this is that the paintball fields usually have a small range to hit the other participants. Since there is a smaller range, the comparatively lower speed of the paintball gun is not even noticed. In fact, if you are completely new to paintball guns, you will not feel a difference.

Speed of paintball guns in miles per hour

Moving forward, if you cannot imagine the speed of your paintball gun in feet per second, then we have also calculated the values in miles per hour. This way, your brain will be able to picture it all in a more detailed and easier way.

maximum bps

As you might already know, one foot per second is equal to 0.68 miles per hour. Keeping this in mind, we can convert 280 feet per second into miles per hour. After careful calculation, we determined that it is actually equal to 190.4 miles per hour. Hopefully, this value will allow you to create a clearer image in your mind.

Speed of paintball guns in plain language

In case you do not care about the mathematical terms and are still interested in knowing how fast the paintball guns are, then we have you covered. With many years of playing around with paintball guns, we have found the answers to all the questions that a person can have regarding paintball guns. If you are new to paintball guns, you will know that shooting is not an easy thing to do.

In fact, people often are not able to shoot for some time after their first shot. The shock of shooting is sometimes higher for certain people, but once they get the hang of it, they can shoot without any issues. Therefore, even though there is a chance of shooting about 30 paintballs in one second, many people are not capable of doing that. Most shots people play are about six for each second, which is good enough for a paintball game. In the case of an intruder or a trespasser, this will be enough to help protect you.

One important thing that determines how many paintball balls can leave the gun is the type of paintball gun you are using. There are mechanical and automatic gun types. In the common mechanical gun, gravity is brought to use for the entry of paintballs into the point of shooting. These guns allow the rate of nine balls per second. On the other hand, we have automatic guns where a rate of 20 paintballs per second is permitted. However, no matter how fast the paintball becomes, it all comes down to the capacity of the paintball gun. If a paintball gun cannot store that many paintballs in itself, no great speed will allow you to shoot even ten paintballs in one second.

Are paintball guns fast enough to hurt you terribly?

If you are curious about the speed of a paintball gun to determine how much it can hurt you, well we have the answer for that as well. One thing that you need to be aware of is that paintball guns do not threaten your life. So, throw that misunderstanding out of your mind. How much a paintball gun can hurt depends largely on the distance from which you were hit. Naturally, if the paintball is hit from a distance, the impact would be less severe. It is best if the paintball gun breaks after the hit because that leads to less pain. You need to be a little worried if the ball does not break and instead bounces back. This makes the impact feel harder as your body is able to take it all in. Usually, people do not experience great pain from a paintball hit. However, they soon start feeling after some time. It happens to be a gradual process, but the pain does hit you finally and it will hurt you for a while before the pain completely goes away.

Ways you can protect yourself

Now that you have understood completely how fast exactly a paintball shoot is, you must find ways to avoid any accidents. When you are playing with paintball guns, there is a high chance that you will get hit at least once. Since getting hit is also part of the fun that you must experience, we will not advise you to always dodge the paintball. Instead, you can use some safety measures to ensure that you do not get severely bruised.

One great thing that prevents you from getting hurt is wearing a safety vest. A safety vest helps you against any paintball shot on your chest and stomach. It is an incredible way to safeguard you against any shot that might have left a bruise otherwise. Some other safety equipment that you can purchase for your safety are masks and goggles. A good mask will allow you to protect your face, something that is extremely important because you do not want to go around with a huge scar on your face. Goggles are perhaps even more important in this case because they protect a very sensitive part of your body. Although it is recommended to take a lower shot, we can still not rule out the possibility of the paintball gun hitting your eyes accidentally. Therefore, it is best if you go prepared. This way, you will be able to enjoy the game without having to worry about any hits that you might get.

Other accessories that you might need

We are sure that you are now well-informed about how fast a paintball gun shoots. What you need to know now is what things should take with you to ensure an exciting game with your friends.

The first thing that we would suggest that you take with you to a paintball game is a gear bag. This gear bag will carry all the necessary items that you might require in your paintball game. From extra paintballs to safety material or ankle holsters, you can carry it all in your gear bag. It will prevent you from traveling back and forth to get something for the game as you will have it all with you.

Apart from a gear bag, you might find it useful to bring a ball hauler to your games. A ball hauler allows you to prevent your paintballs from falling and causing trouble for you. We would suggest that you also carry extra barrel swabs and O-Ring picks so that you can use them in case of an emergency.

Once you start playing with paintball guns, you will soon realize exactly what more things you need during the game. Perhaps a water bottle will be good for you to stay hydrated during your games. One good thing in this situation is that certain things are even available on the paintball field. You can pick things on the spot if you forget anything back home.

How will it all work?

Now that you know about the speed of a paintball gun and all the ways you can protect yourself from a paintball hit, one important question remains. How does it all work? Well, to put it in simple words, a paintball gun is powered by a gas that builds enough pressure in the gun to release the paintballs at your desired time. The gas is either carbon dioxide or oxygen usually and they provide a great force to the paintballs. This is the reason why paintball guns come out with such speed and travel to their target in little to no time.


So, we believe all this information about paintball guns answers your question about their speed and probably gives you some additional data as well. You should know that the best way that you can learn about paintball guns is by having first-hand experience with them. Let that inner child come out again and allow it to play around with everyone else. You will surely feel the stress and tension moving further away from you as you invest your mind and attention in this game.

Do not worry about a few bruises, you will surely remember them and laugh with your mates in the future. We would definitely recommend you to stay safe, but not at the expense of you not fully enjoying a paintball game. Once you get into the game, you will soon realize that there is not much to worry about and that you can continue to have fun at any age given that you are ready to take the risk.

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