Best Paintball Guns Under $100

Best Paintball Guns Under $100| buyers guide & Reviews

Are you a newcomer and looking for the best paintball gun under $100? Or you’re confused about selecting among the best inexpensive options for a paintball gun because you have so many options in front of you? Take a deep breath! And be grateful that you have finally landed on the page that covers all your queries and answers all of your questions. Almost more than 7 days and hundreds of hours of research, made us conclude the best findings in the form of this article.

It covers everything you want to know about the best paintball guns under $100. Not only have we mentioned the five best products but also have provided a buying guide for you. Let us take a ride of 20 minutes and give the following article a proper read for selecting the best option.

5 Best Paintball Guns Under $100 of 2023

The following article tells you about everything related to the 5 best paintball guns under $100 that are available and highly efficient in their performance. They are superb in quality and are more long-lasting than other standard paintball guns.

1. Mercury Rise Semi-Auto .50

If you are looking for a strong and sturdy option when it comes to paintball guns, nothing is better than Mercury Rise Semi-Auto .50. It provides you with a very hard and rigid construction making it able to tolerate rough and tough use. In the presence of aluminum construction and many other robust and qualitative components, this paintball gun is made to serve you for longer times, without affecting its functioning and performance.

Moreover, the presence of a velocity adjustment feature makes sure you can adjust the velocity of the gun, according to your need. Similarly, in the presence of tool-free design and hassle-free maintenance, this paintball gun offers you an amazingly adventurous game. When it comes to maintenance, Mercury Rise does not ask for tools, instead quickly repairs with some simple adjustment steps.

The thing that makes this paintball gun stand in our top position is the piece of mind the user gets while using it. You not only enjoy your game but also play without worries about encountering faults and problems. This is because of the presence of a warranty that makes sure you can contact the manufacturers in case of need and they are responsible to provide you with whatever help they can.


  • External velocity adjuster
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Hassle-free adjustment
  • Solid construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Tool-free maintenance


  • Few parts are prone to damage
  • Jamming issues

Mercury Rise Semi-Auto .50 is our topmost product with top-quality features, making it stand out among the 5 best options. It comes with an external velocity adjuster, to help you guys adjust velocity according to the need. This product comes with a warranty and offers hassle-free adjustment. Moreover, the solid and sturdy construction ensures you can use this paintball gun for a longer time, even if you use it roughly and regularly.

2. Mercury Rise Venom .68 Caliber

No matter at what skill level you play paintball, this Mercury Rise Venom .68 Caliber is the best affordable and lightweight option in our list of 5 best paintball guns under $100. Because of being effortless to use, it is ideal for newcomers and those who are just in the learning phase of the paintball game.

You will find everything from strength to durability, performance, and efficiency with one single purchase of this affordable Mercury Rise Venom .68 Caliber. Furthermore, the deliverance of accurate and highly efficient shots makes this paintball gun more in demand nowadays.

It comes with a case that is made for its protection and safety. You can simply carry it from one place to another by putting it in the box, included in it. Additionally, the construction with the use of anodized aluminum metal, makes it strong enough to withstand rough and tough use for longer times, without affecting its performance.

Then comes the design, the sleek and decent design in combination with strong and sturdy construction makes it appealing and eye-catching for passionate players. Moreover, the presence of a velocity adjustment feature, makes this paintball gun adjust velocity, whenever there is a need. You can choose the velocity as per the requirement of the game and the playing environment.

I recommend this second-best paintball gun under $100 for those newbies who are lazy and just do not consider the maintenance and cleanliness of the marker. This is because this gun is easy to clean and requires almost 0 to no maintenance throughout its life, making it hassle-free in management and usage. Further, the quality components make this gun best for beginners and those who are not really into the purchase of paintball guns repeatedly.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Hassle-free velocity adjustment
  • Best for newcomers
  • Can withstand the rough and tough use


  • Fitting issues
  • Unable to recock automatically

Mercury Rise Venom .68 Caliber is our second-best paintball gun under $100 that is highly reliable when it comes to maintenance and rough and tough use. It comes with an easy-to-adjust velocity adjuster, making it ideal for newcomers. Because this product comes with a box, you can conveniently take it from one place to another, no matter what type of weather you have to face.

3. JT SplatMaster Marker

Are you looking for the best paintball gun under $100 to give as a gift to your son? JT SplatMaster Marker is the best available option that comes with amazing characteristics and features, and that too is only under $100. Because of being effortless to use, it is ideal for those beginners, who are just stepping into the game of paintball.

Moreover, it would be the best inexpensive gift that your child will love having. Moreover, this paintball gun is renowned for being the best paintball gun for beginners, making them learn the game in the best possible way. It is easy to use and because of being lightweight, this paintball gun is portable and very effortless to carry from one place to another.

JT SplatMaster Marker is highly recommended for those young adults, who are looking for effortless use and maintenance of paintball guns. Moreover, the 110 to 130 FPS range of shooting makes this paintball game the best for external use. Whereas, the presence of the spring action firing feature, makes it possible for you to shoot those targets that are relatively very far away from you.

This spring action firing mechanism assists you in shooting accurately and precisely, ultimately making it ideal for beginners and kids. Adding to all of the perks you get with JT SplatMaster Marker, how can we forget the feature of adjusting the angle while shooting? This specification automatically maximizes the chances of getting accurate shots, without any missings.


  • Possibility of adjusting velocity
  • Ideal for young players
  • Highly precise shooting
  • Portable


  • Comparatively lower capacity

JT SplatMaster Marker is ideal for beginners, who are just initiating their paintball game. The manufacturers focused on constructing this product are durable, lightweight, and very strong. This helps in increasing the longevity of the product, making it ideal for kids who usually use paintball guns roughly. Because of the presence of the spring action firing feature, this paintball gun is ideal for shooting targets that are comparatively very far away from you.

4. Spyder Victor Semi-Auto with Extended Warranty

If you are looking for a versatile paintball gun that should serve you in the best of its performance, in every type of weather, you must have this Spyder Victor Semi-Auto with Extended Warranty with you. It comes with high-quality aluminum construction, making it robust enough to withstand certain environmental conditions, without harming its functioning and performance.

The presence of the EKO valve system ensures that the shots are perfectly accurate and precise, in addition to being quick and fast. Moreover, the presence of a tool-free design and the possibility of making adjustments and doing maintenance simply with your hand and not with the tool makes this paintball gun more in demand.

Spyder Victor with Extended Warranty is ideal for those, who know just nothing about paintball and paintball guns. This is because it requires no maintenance and is very effortless to use and clean. Additionally, the presence of high-impact polymers in the construction of this paintball gun, makes it durable and sturdy enough to tolerate rough and tough use that, otherwise, can cause damage.

At this price range, this is the most affordable product that comes with a double trigger option, ensuring you enjoy excellent shots. This feature is the main reason why Spyder Victor Semi-Auto with Extended Warranty is getting more popular not only among beginners but also among professional players too.


  • Amazingly strong construction
  • Recommended by most professionals
  • Comes with EKO Valve System
  • Quality construction


  • Trigger at times gets locked

Spyder Victor Semi-Auto with Extended Warranty is a versatile paintball gun that serves you in every type of weather condition, without affecting its performance. It is durable and strong in construction, making itself ideal for rough and tough use. Moreover, because the product comes with various advanced features, it is getting popular among both professionals and beginners day by day.

5. Spyder Victor

Are you a beginner and looking for a professional paintball gun? Spyder Victor is the best one available for you, with all the premium specifications and outstanding features. It is ideal for beginners and possesses all the features that you demand in your paintball gun.

It simply includes everything you look for and is the best option for those beginners who want to play like a professional gamer. The presence of a high-impact polymer clamping feed neck, in coordination with various other latest technologies, makes this gun stand in our top 5 positions.

In addition to these features, the gun also possesses an EKO valve technology, offering the best air source efficiency to the paintball marker. All of these specifications at this affordable price are unmatched by any other product on this list. Moreover, if you want to have the best experience with paintball guns, you should use carbon dioxide gas in them because of their durability and longevity.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to put yourself in the hustle of maintenance, this is the most ideal paintball gun for you. It requires almost 0 to no maintenance and makes sure there is no jamming at all. Lastly, I truly want to mention the features that make these paintball guns highly recommended these days. These are the presence of extremely accurate and precise shooting.


  • No jamming
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Highly accurate shooting


  • The o ring isn’t reliable

Spyder Victor is a good quality and highly reliable paintball gun that offers you highly accurate and precise shooting. It comes with multiple premium features but is still highly affordable and expensive when compared with other available options. Spyder Victor requires almost no maintenance and makes sure there is no jamming in the gun at all.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Paintball Guns Under 100$

The following details tell you about five essential characteristics that should be present in your paintball gun, to make the purchase of it ideal and worth purchasing.


The weight of the paintball gun you are going to purchase is of utmost importance to focus on before finalizing the gun. This is because the weight depicts the fatigue that can cause you annoyance in prolonged usage. I will recommend you always select the lightweight paintball markers, as they are easy to manage and hold.

Lightweight paintball guns offer convenient and comfortable play, without making you feel tired. Alternatively, if the paintball marker you are using is heavier, it will make you tired within no time and will cause you fatigue. To avoid this unnecessary tension and pressure on your body, always select the paintball gun with a lightweight feature.


The durability should never be ignored even if you are buying an inexpensive paintball gun. The paintball gun that is not durable can break right after 2 to 3 matches, putting you in the hustle of purchasing the marker every single time.

Always make sure the paintball gun you are selecting is constructed with the use of quality construction materials. It has been noticed that quality construction material results in the construction of a product that lasts for a longer time, as compared to the one that is constructed with the use of poor construction material.


Finalizing your budget for the purchase of the best paintball gun is a favorable step in getting the best appropriate product. From my personal experience, I will recommend you select the inexpensive and budget-friendly option, when you are a beginner or are in the learning phase.

Otherwise, if you are a professional player, you should consider the quality to help you with your play, in the best possible way. Moreover, inexpensive markers need to be good in their functioning. This article covers all of the affordable options that are under $100 but still are best and highly recommended even by professional players.

Style of Play

Style of play is something that you cannot ignore while selecting the best paintball gun. Do you love playing scenario games or are you into speedball? Before selecting the best paintball gun, think of your style of play and select according to that. Let’s say you love to play a game that involves hiding.

For such purposes, you should have a paintball gun that is perfect in accuracy and precision. Alternatively, if you love to play in an open space where there is speed involved, you should get the paintball gun that involves high speed, quick shooting, and fast movements.


Just like every other game, paintball guns come in various types and sizes. Focus on what type of marker you need for your paintball game. Concentrate mainly on what type of play, you play and what is your style of playing paintball. Ask yourself which type of paintball gun will be the most appropriate for you. Wait! I have a tip for you.

Consult your seniors and ask them about which type of paintball gun would be ideal for you. The one they will recommend is the one that you should purchase. Never miss an opportunity to take help from a senior. Make sure you focus on the type of paintball gun before finalizing the one for you.


What is the Best Paintball Gun under $100?

Mercury Rise Venom .68 Caliber is the best paintball gun that comes with a box to make portability easy. It consists of a velocity adjuster, making it ideal for newbies. No matter how inexpensive it is, this best paintball gun under $100 comes with all the necessary and premium features, making its functioning the best and the most appropriate one.

Are Paintball Guns under 100 USD considered durable?

Yes, paintball guns under 100 US dollars are available and highly reliable in terms of their performance. It has been noticed that most of the manufacturers construct good quality and durable paintball markers that too in an affordable range. You have so many options available to you that are durable, reliable, and affordable, all 3 at once. Additionally, almost all of these paintball guns come under a dollar hundred and contain a warranty, adding to their reliability and trustworthiness.

Which material of the barrel is more durable and easy to maintain?

There are so many construction materials that are used in the manufacturing of barrels. All of these construction materials differ in their properties and features. The most commonly used materials are aluminum, ceramics, and stainless steel. Aluminum and ceramics are reliable but when compared with stainless steel construction material, are less reliable and less durable. Stainless steel material is considered the best in durability and longevity. Moreover, it does not require much maintenance, ensuring you do not have to spend much of your time and money on maintaining the stainless steel barrel.

What are various gases you can fill in the air system of the gun?

There are two types of gases that are used to fill in the air system of the gun. CO2 and nitrogen. CO2 is a comparatively inexpensive option, ideal for those who are looking for gas to purchase without affecting their pocket. Alternatively, nitrogen is a highly flexible option available with a slightly expensive tag that is ideal for those who are looking for a gas compatible with every kind of atmosphere.

What are some of the benefits you can get from paintball?

In addition to having fun and entertainment, paintball offers you the opportunity to improve your circle and make it bigger and better by forming new relationships. It also improves your vision and helps you develop coordination skills. Moreover, because your hands and eyes are coordinated with each other, in a paintball game, they improve your hand-to-eye coordination and make them work better. It also helps you develop teamwork and thinking skills and assists you in learning how to work under pressure.

Final Thoughts

Paintball guns do not demand high prices. This is not an expensive hobby. You can get good quality, durable, and reliable paintball guns within an affordable range. There are so many options available in the market with various prices and features. Among the best available options, we have selected the 5 best paintball guns under $100. Above mention, the article tells you about those products and what are the key features that should be present in your paintball gun to make it worth purchasing.

As a reviewer, I honestly suggest you buy,

  • Spyder Victor is good quality and durable paintball gun that is unmatched when it comes to accuracy and precision. At this price range, this paintball gun offers premium features and functions.
  • Mercury Rise Venom .68 Caliber is the only product that comes with a box, making it easy to carry from one place to another. It is durable and constructed in lightweight construction, to make sure you can handle it, without any problems.
  • Spyder Victor Semi-Auto with Extended Warranty is highly strong and hard in construction, making it ideal for rough use. It is the most reliable and the best paintball gun under $100 that is ideal for both professional and beginner use.

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