paintball black friday and cyber monday sale

Paintball Black Friday and Cyber Monday (Jan-2023)

Are you tired of spending a lot of money on your paintball pistol collection? Well, we encourage you to buy your next paintball gun during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period. These days are incredible in bringing to you the best deals available in the market. You can get greatly discounted prices on paintball sales.

paintball black friday and cyber monday sale

We have been purchasing paintball pistols for a long time now. The best paintball pistols Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are our best friends. Consider reading the following article if you are interested in knowing what paintball pistols you should keep your eyes out for. We have provided you with sufficient details to understand the product better and buy it at a reasonable price.   

Umarex T4E Smith & Wesson M& P M2.0

umarex-T4E-smith-and-wesson. Best deal of pistol on black friday

This paintball pistol is especially great if you are looking for good accuracy. Due to high demand, it is not easily available in the market. However, the cyber Monday paintball specials may include it, so get your hands on it before anyone else can. It provides a realistic look that makes anyone attracted to it. One great thing about this paintball pistol is that its rear sight is not fixed, so you can change it to your liking. Moreover, it also comes with a Picatinny mount that allows additional material to be added to the pistol. The black Friday paintball deals promise some amazing offers that you should not miss

GI Sportz Menace

GI SPORTZ menace best price on cyber monday

If you are looking for a lightweight paintball pistol, then the GI Sportz Menace is the one for you. Although it is light, it gives the complete look of an actual gun, making it a good catch. The manufacturers have paid special attention to the gun’s durability and have produced this highly durable pistol. If you manage to get it during the paintball sale, you will enjoy the seven-round magazine that comes with it. It is more than enough for you, especially if you are new to paintball pistols.  

First Strike Compact Pistol

first strike compact. check the discount on black friday

This beautiful design comes with excellent features that you should look forward to in the coming paintball Black Friday deals. One thing that we love about it is the ambidextrous structure of the pistol. If you want to hold two guns simultaneously, you can use this model to do that. It also includes two magazines, each of six rounds, making it a great purchase. We especially like the compact design of this pistol, accompanied by its black colour.

Umarex T4E TR50

Check black friday deals

The cyber Monday paintball specials include this excellent quality paintball pistol. You are provided with five paintball magazines, which makes the gun quite a good catch. If you are interested in customising your pistol, you will be glad to know that it comes with a Picatinny accessory. Therefore, you can add all the lasers and lights that you want to add to it. This paintball pistol is also quite easy to use.  


JT ER4 RTP best on cyber monday sale

If you are looking for a safe paintball pistol that is good for beginners, you should consider buying this particular one. It includes a push-button safety that makes it quite user-friendly as well. The paintball pistol is made up of durable material and comes with a loader that has 40 paintballs. Another great thing about it is its semi-automatic function, making the gun even more accessible to amateurs.

tippman Tipx Mag Fed excellent on cyber monday discount

Tippmann TiPX

This easy-to-maintain paintball pistol comes with many accessories that make it one of the best items in the paintball pistols black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. It is a highly customizable item with adjustable external velocity. It includes things like a reversible holster and a few magazines. Its lightweight will allow you to continue your game for longer periods without any issues. You can rely on it to provide you with the best experience possi

JT Er2 Pump Pistol

JT ER2 pump pistol. Cheapest pistol further got cheaper on cyber monday sale

A clear paintball pistol, the JT Er2 comes with two carbon dioxide cartridges at an affordable price. The gun is quite easy to use, and you will get used to it in no time. It comes with 30 paintballs that will give you a headstart on your paintball pistol journey. It also includes a Barrel Plug. You will thank us if you manage to get your hands on it during the paintball sale. Such great deals are not available all the time.

Walther TA4 PPQ M2

T4E new walther ppq. excellent price reduction on cyber Monday sales

This paintball pistol works just like a real one, so you will like it immediately. It has a great magazine capacity and comes with multiple additional materials. It includes a hard case to protect the pistol when you are not using it. It is also a great pistol for self-defense, so you should totally buy it. The black Friday paintball pistols for self-defense are incredible, and this is one of them. The accuracy of this pistol is quite commendable as well.

JT splatmaster z100. On Black Friday, check the discounted price

JT Splatmaster z100

If you are looking for a different coloured paintball pistol, you should look more into this brand. It comes in blue colour and has great caliber as well. The accuracy of this pistol is good, especially for someone new to guns. You might want to shift to a better one once you get the hang of it, but it works great for people who are just starting. Moreover, this pistol is already available at a reasonable price, and the paintball pistols black Friday and cyber Monday deals will further make it more affordable.

Kingman Training Chaser 11mm Paintball Marker

training pistol, best on cyber Monday deals

The final product in our list is this very easy to set up and maintain option. It is quite durable and allows you to shoot without any issues. You will love this product, especially if you are looking for a practice pistol that can familiarize you with how a pistol works. It is a good pistol for self-defense, so you would like to get your hands on it before it’s too late.

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